STARBURSTS YOUTH HIP HOP CREW Winter/Spring Season, Jan 20-April 6 Registering up to 16 dancers ages 7-12 Director: Lauren Boyd

AUDITIONS – JAN 20, 10-11AM at Sac Dance Lab, free to try out! Bring sneakers, water, comfortable clothes, and a positive attitude!

Time Commitment – 10 weeks, 3 hours weekly

The fall season will run Jan 20 through April 6. Rehearsals are Saturdays 10am-12pm, this is when dancers will learn routines and set choreography for shows. This season, we’ve added one mandatory weekly class on Wednesdays at 5pm which will focus on retention, hip hop foundation and overall dance training. All Starbursts members are expected to be at every rehearsal and weekly class, on time and ready to dance!


$450/full season (payment plans available)

Starbursts members are able to pay fees monthly or in full at the start of each season. Fees go to costuming, choreographers, media and studio time. There are no additional fees to participate or perform. Includes: t-shirt, 2-3 routines, head shots and performing in BLOOM, our dance showcase on April 6.

Season Projects

1. Media Day Feb 10
2. Mardi Gras Parade March 9
3. BLOOM April 5-6, Film Night April 4

It’s also possible we’ll perform at a couple of additional community events/weekend shows. Dates will be shared with incoming members as they become available.


To create a fun, collaborative and hard-working environment for young dancers to grow, gain experience, develop fun content and make friends! The crew will focus on beginner/intermediate level dance training, teamwork and community engagement.


We have a no hierarchy mentality! Although there are directors to lead the group, each dancer should be viewed as equal contributors with a voice. Rehearsals are fast-paced and require energy, stamina and teamwork!